Corporate Opportunities

Corporate Opportunities

Elevate Your Brand with Iconic Eloise Events Partnerships

Develop powerful marketing strategies and activations that connect brands with our audiences at Iconic Eloise Events, enhancing brand visibility and engagement through tailor-made, interactive experiences that resonate with diverse groups.
From Broadway shows to Hip Hop concerts, Family Entertainment to Rock performances, Comedy shows to Private gatherings, Iconic Eloise Events provides a broad array of sponsorship and media assets designed to target your specific consumer base.

In-venue Signage
Digital Media (Internet/Email/Mobile/Social)In-venue Signage
Promotions (In-Venue/Retail)
Community Relations Programs
Private and Special Events
Print Playbill
On-Site Activation

Our corporate partners benefit from the expertise of an integrated sales and marketing team dedicated to maximizing the impact of their partnership with Iconic Eloise Events. Each partner is assigned a sales manager and a marketing manager who work collaboratively to ensure that all assets are leveraged effectively and desired outcomes are achieved.

Our Core Values

Guiding principles that shape our event experiences and client interactions.


We prioritize genuine experiences, ensuring every event at The Iconic Eloise Venue is steeped in authenticity and originality.


At The Iconic Eloise Venue, we thrive on creativity, bringing innovative ideas to life and crafting immersive event experiences.


Fostering a sense of community is at the heart of what we do, creating spaces where people can come together and celebrate music and friendship.

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