Seating chart

Seating Chart

Navigating the Event Space at Iconic Eloise Events

At Iconic Eloise Events, guests are greeted with a seamless entry through the Eloise East Side entrance, leading directly into the heart of the venue. The event space is thoughtfully designed to enhance the attendee experience, with a vast General Admission area offering plenty of room and strategically placed amenities. Bars and bathrooms are conveniently located on each side of the General Admission area to ensure minimal disruptions. Additionally, the VIP area provides an exclusive experience, centrally located for the best views of the stage and equipped with comfortable, premium seating. This area also features easy access to dedicated VIP bars and luxury bathrooms, offering added privacy and reduced waiting times.

The stage, being the focal point of the venue, is ideally positioned to provide excellent sightlines for both VIP and General Admission guests, ensuring that every attendee enjoys unobstructed views of the performances. To further enhance convenience, multiple bars are distributed across the venue, with two servicing the General Admission section for quick refreshment access. The VIP bars cater to a more refined taste with premium services. Bathroom facilities are ample, with accessible options available in all areas to accommodate every guest comfortably, supporting a smooth and enjoyable event experience at Iconic Eloise Events.

Pick Your Perfect Spot

Explore our seating options at Iconic Eloise Events to make the most of your experience. Whether you opt for General Admission to mingle freely and enjoy the atmosphere, or the VIP area for premium views and exclusive amenities, each ticket guarantees an unforgettable event experience in its own unique way.

General Admission

General Admission tickets provide the flexibility to explore the venue and enjoy the event from various perspectives. This option allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Iconic Eloise Events, mingling with other attendees and experiencing the dynamic environment. It’s the perfect choice for those who love being in the heart of the action.


Our VIP seating offers an unparalleled experience with premium views of the stage, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the excitement. Enjoy the comfort of luxury bathrooms and exclusive access to VIP bars, designed to provide a sophisticated and hassle-free event experience. Choose VIP and elevate your visit to Iconic Eloise Events with top-tier amenities and the best seats in the house.

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